Centaurus secrets Spa

Welcome to Xenia Portaria Spa inspired by the secrets of the Centaurs. Enjoy a complete beauty experience as well as full body and spirit revitalization, based on unique techniques of ancient wisdom and modern science. Relax in the hands of our special therapists and immerse yourself in the paradise of the natural Spa products that are selected from the mountain, with extreme care: pure essential oils, fruits, herbs, natural honey, rich in minerals and vitamins.

Be initiated into the secrets of Chiron the Centaur within an oasis of peacefulness with a breathtaking view of Pagasitikos.

In perfect harmony with nature our luxury Spa center features 2 treatment rooms, heat experience zone with aherbal steam bath, event shower, relaxation area, gym, hydro-therapy cabin and manicure /pedicure area.

Committed to the quality, purity and integrity of ïrganicnatural ingredients, combined with progressive therapy techniques, our Aithra partners have created unique treatments with outstanding results.

We invite you to relax and unwind with a blend of nature's remedies, personalized service and peaceful surroundings that will create a symphony for the senses capable of healing both body and soul.